Technical Management Services, Inc.
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New Hartford, CT 06057
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Technical Management Services, Inc. is a world-wide training and consulting organization specializing in quality short courses for nuclear industry professionals. Our clients include all major U.S utilities, DOE labs, naval shipyards, medical facilities, universities, state and federal agencies, and many international nuclear companies. TMS has conducted training programs in Radiological Protection since 1982 in regional locations throughout the country as well as onsite training at customer sites. Our instructors are recognized experts in their field with many years of practical experience. Many are or have been presidents or officers of professional societies and are authors of numerous recognized publications and textbooks.

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"Very effective and practical presentation. The right amount of detail."

"Excellent instructor. Good examples of situations from instructor's experiences."

"This course provided me with practical information that I can use on my day-to-day job."

"Good presentation style. Worked well with class."

"This was one of the best courses I have ever taken. The instructor was clear and precise. Case studies and job experiences shared with the class were excellent learning tools."

"I was very much impressed with the knowledge and quality of the instructors."

"The interaction between the course participants was a great advantage."

"The instructors are very knowledgeable and can explain the concepts at an understandable level."

"This course introduced me to some regulations that I wasn't aware existed."

"Overall, I found that the course covered the subject matter well. It gave me a better understanding of what is involved in survey meter calibration. It provided me with information and documents applicable to my job. I would recommend others in my workplace to take this course."

"I fully enjoyed all aspects of the course. I was very impressed with the instructor's teaching abilities. They were exceptionally good in explaining and "simplifying" seemingly complex concepts!"

"Course content was in great depth. Learned many new things."

"This has been the best course I have ever had the pleasure of taking! End statement. P.S. This has inspired me to pursue university courses in the future and/or NRRPT qualification."